OEM 2016 Toyota Prius V Parts and Accessories

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The Toyota Prius V is short for versatile because this compact SUV is hybrid powered to save money. Since the V was introduced in 2012, the 2016 Toyota Prius V is still part of the first generation of these hybrids. When you need a new part for your Prius V, use genuine OEM Toyota parts like those found at Olathe Toyota Parts Center, where all of the parts are genuine.

Cooling System Parts – A radiator with a leak will eventually cause an engine to overheat, due to lack of coolant. It doesn’t take long for a hot engine to become seriously damaged. We have all the coolant parts you need. Radiators, fans, belts and water pumps are in stock.

Grilles – The grille on your Prius V is there to protect the engine compartment and to enhance the look of your car. If it’s damaged, replace it with a new one.  We carry grilles, hoods, bumpers and more.

Oil Filters – A clean oil filter will help to protect your engine, so change it every time you change the oil. We carry oil filters, air filters, transmission filters and fuel filters.

Buy your genuine OEM Toyota parts from us and receive superior customer service from our highly trained staff. We offer free accessory lookups.

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