OEM 1984 Toyota Tercel Parts and Accessories

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The 1984 Toyota Tercel is a member of the second generation of Tercels and was available in a number of body styles from 3-door hatchback to 5-door station wagon. It was available in front-wheel and four-wheel drive options. When you need to make repairs to your Tercel, you buy genuine Toyota parts because they are made to be exact fit replacement parts.

  • Air Filter – When your engine needs fresh air, your air filter makes sure no dirt or debris gets into the engine. This filter may need to be replaced regularly. We have air filters, oil filters and transmission filters.
  • Emissions System – The emission system cleans the exhaust before it's expelled into the atmosphere. These parts are subject to high heat, so you may need to replace them. We have sensors, pipes and gaskets.
  • Timing Belts – The timing belt keeps all of your engine components running and needs to be replaced at regular intervals. If it stretches or breaks, you can have serious engine damage. We have belts, hoses and other maintenance parts.

When you buy your 1984 Tercel parts from us, you get same day shipping, in most cases, and no hassle returns. Buy now.