OEM 1984 Toyota 4Runner Parts and Accessories

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The 1984 Toyota 4Runner was the first year for this popular SUV. Originally, it was a compact SUV built on the Hilux pickup body and given rear seats as an option. This SUV was built for adventure, and you take yours to the lake to fish or woods to hunt. You change the oil regularly and buy genuine Toyota parts when you need new parts. OEM Toyota parts offer exact part replacement parts.

  • Gaskets – Gaskets fit between two pieces of metal and create a seal. Gaskets are usually made of a material that can take heat, but after time, these can start to crack and leak. We have replacement gaskets, seals and other engine maintenance parts.
  • Oil Filters – The oil filter keeps impurities out of your engine as the oil circulates through the vehicle. When you replace the oil, replace the filter for longer oil life. We have oil filters, air filters and fuel filters.
  • Antennas – If something happens to your antenna, you may not be able to tune in your favorite radio stations. We have replacement antennas and other electrical parts.

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