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Scion tC Parts

Scion tC owners know they got the best deal on a sporty coupe with luxury components. They also know they need to keep up with routine maintenance in order to keep their tC running smoothly and efficiently.

The parts staff at Parts.OlatheToyota.com is ready to help you keep your tC getting the best fuel economy it can. They have over ten years of experience in Toyota parts and accessories. If you already know which part you need, you can use the easy Parts Finder on Parts.OlatheToyota.com to get your part sent directly to your home. There is no inflated shipping charge to keep the prices low, and you will only receive genuine OEM factory parts at Parts.OlatheToyota.com.

  • Tire Pressure Sensor - Safety is always important and part of the safety features on the tC includes the automatic monitoring of the tire pressure. If your sensor goes bad, we have the replacement parts for your car.
  • Steering Column - We carry clamps, tubes and all the bolts to put it back together again. Whether you need the entire assembly or just an ignition switch or shroud, we have the factory OEM part to fit.
  • Powertrain - Your ECM relay collects information from all the sensors in the tC and then tells it how to process the information. If this part is not functioning, neither is your tC. We have all the parts necessary to get your tC running properly.

You can call the parts staff today, and they will help you find the right part for your Scion tC.