OEM 2013 Toyota Matrix Parts and Accessories

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The 2013 Toyota Matrix is part of the second and last generation of this compact car. While it’s a compact car, the Matrix offers a large storage compartment when the seats are laid down, and the liftback makes it easy to get your gear in and out. When you need replacement parts for your 2013 Toyota Matrix, buy genuine OEM Toyota parts like those found at Olathe Toyota Parts Center.

Air Filters – Changing your air filter should be as important as changing the oil filter. Without fresh air, the engine will not run well.  We have air filters, transmission filters, oil filters and more.

Door Handles – The door handles are tough, but if you have a broken door handle, you need to replace it if you want to get in and out of the car. We carry replacement OEM Toyota door handles, doors, bumpers and more.

Emissions System Parts – The emissions system is responsible for cleaning the exhaust until it’s ready to be sent out into the atmosphere. If you notice the engine running rough, then you may need a new sensor or other emissions part. We carry oxygen sensors and other emissions parts.

We offer more than genuine OEM Toyota parts; we offer superior customer service from highly trained staff, which means you get answers to your questions. We also offer free accessory lookup and same day shipping, in most cases. Buy your Toyota parts here.