OEM 2008 Toyota Prius Parts and Accessories

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2008 Toyota Prius Parts

The 2008 Toyota Prius is part of the Prius’ second generation, and this was the year it hit one million in sales. When gas prices shot up in 2008 many drivers turned to the Prius. If you’re still commuting in your environmentally friendly vehicle, buy only genuine OEM Toyota replacement parts. They’re optimized to meet the performance standards of Toyota.

  • Air Filters – The air filter captures dirt and debris and keeps it out of the engine. It will even catch bits of rubber from tires. Change the filter often, so your engine can get fresh air. We have air filters, oil filters and transmission filters for your Prius.
  • Door Handles - Door handles are tough, but they might become damaged over the life of your vehicle.  We have these and other body parts like the doors, grilles and hood for your vehicle.
  • Emissions System Parts – A bad sensor in your emission system can cause your engine to perform poorly because it doesn’t read the information properly and will send the wrong information to the engine’s computer. This can result in misfires or bad fuel economy. We have replacement sensors, valves and other emission parts.

When you buy your genuine OEM Toyota parts from us, you get wholesale pricing and no hassle returns. Buy your Prius parts here.