Turbocharger System Malfunction - P1250 Code - General

Turbocharger System Malfunction

OBD-II code P1250 indicates a problem with the turbocharger system on your vehicle.

On vehicles equipped with turbocharger systems, this code can indicate a problem within the system that is causing it to not function as it should. Turbochargers are meant to increase the efficiency and power of your vehicle. This code usually means that there is an over-boost situation happening, but it can also mean the opposite. A problem with the turbocharger system will often cause a major loss in power and acceleration. The code is prompted by a malfunction which is then stored in your vehicle's ECM and causes the SES or check engine soon light to illuminate on your dash. (Like turbochargers? Check this out.)

Common causes of this code include:

  • Faulty vacuum sensing valve
  • Stuck turbo wastegate actuator
  • Faulty SCV valve
  • Wiring leading to the system

Diagnosing the exact problem when there is a turbocharger system malfunction might be tricky. Before you tackle any of these possible culprits, check all of the wiring around the system for signs of damage. The easiest problem to start with is the wastegate actuator; this can be serviced by unbolting it and making sure the linkage is freely moving and the system is properly lubed. The vacuum sensing valve will throw the system off and cause the ECM to be "confused" about regulating the system, same with the SCV valve issues.

While we make every effort to offer accurate information, please consult with a professional before performing any repairs. This guide is meant to explain the possible triggers of the P1250 trouble code, and should not considered the definitive source for repairs or trouble-shooting