Fuel Pump Malfunction - P1228 Code - General

Fuel Pump Malfunction

OBD-II code P1228 represents a problem with your Toyota's fuel pump.

The fuel pump on your Toyota is responsible for moving fuel from the vehicle's fuel tank to the engine. It runs fuel from lines that travel from the back of the vehicle into the engine where it combusts with spark/air to create power. This code is triggered when there is a problem with the function of your vehicle's fuel pump. When P1228 is present in your vehicle's ECM, it will prompt the illumination of your SES or check engine light.

The most common causes of this code are:

  • Faulty fuel pump
  • Faulty fuel pump wiring harness
  • Faulty suction control valve, or SCV
  • Clogged fuel injectors

A faulty suction control valve is the most common cause of this problem in Toyota vehicles. It is important to first inspect all components for loose fittings, damaged wires, or damages to the parts before moving forward. Once you determine that damage does not exist in the body of any sensors or wiring, cleaning the fuel injectors can be the next easiest step; a clogged fuel injector The symptoms of a bad fuel pump and SCV are nearly identical and include: loss of power, stalling, and sputtering. A completely bad fuel pump will not prime when you turn the key to run position, but a fuel pump that's going bad may also have intermittent issues and cut off while driving. Solving this problem may require replacing multiple parts to determine which is the culprit.

We make every effort to provide the most accurate information about this code, but all repairs should be done at the advice of a professional. This guide is meant to explain the possible causes of P1228 trouble code and is not meant to act as your sole resource for repairs