​Genuine Sienna Floor Mats

In order to protect the carpet on the floor of your Sienna, put in a set of OEM Sienna floor mats. The carpet in your Sienna can become worn out and dirty from normal use. Feet can have mud or snow on them, food and drink gets spilled, and shoes can cause wear. The place that gets the most wear and tear is on the driver’s side. The heel of your right foot can wear a hole in the carpet where it rests on the floor when you use the accelerator. The best way to protect the original carpet is to put in a set of floor mats, adding a barrier between your feet and the floor.

Genuine Toyota OEM floor mats for your Sienna will keep the floor clean, and they’re easy to clean. Floor mats and other parts such as molding or trim pieces help raise the resale value of your Sienna. We only carry genuine OEM Toyota parts and accessories, and we offer same day shipping (in most cases) when you buy from us. Order your Sienna floor mats online today!

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