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Ignition System

You turn the key and your Toyota starts. It is not the key that makes the vehicle start; it is what happens after the key is turned that begins the chain reaction of parts that result in a running motor. From that key turn, many parts start to interact with each other to get the fuel to the engine. This includes parts like the distributor, spark plugs, ignition coil and alternator. Should any of these parts fail, you will find yourself with a vehicle that does not run properly. Faulty ignition parts can offer poor performance due to excessive or inadequate fuel distribution. Additionally, these parts can become dirty or clogged since they are in direct contact with fuel that may have debris in it. This can seriously affect the way your engine runs.

When you need to replace any of these parts, you want to be sure to use parts that are made specifically for your Toyota. We carry replacement and maintenance parts for Toyota vehicles that reach back into the 1980s. Should you need assistance with your parts order, you will find that any member of the staff that answers the phone at will be able to help you with your order. Every member of our staff has over 10 years of experience in Toyota parts. We do not try to make up for our low prices by adding inflated shipping costs to your order. Use our handy online ordering system and order your parts today.

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