The Toyota GR Series Engine

The Toyota GR V-6 engines are made mostly of aluminum with dual overhead camshaft (DOHC) cylinder heads, also made of aluminum. Three types of fuel injection appear on variants of the GR family, including multi-port injection, D4 direction injection, and a hybrid of the two called D4-S. These variations are usually model and market-specific.

1GR-FE toyota engine

The 1GR-FE

Toyota's GR Engine

The GR Series replaces the:

  • MZ
  • JZ
  • VZ

These were used in six-cylinder engines used in larger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. The 1- and 2GR series are the most prolific in the United States, appearing in many popular trucks, sport utilities, and sedans here.

Variations Of The GR Engine

The 1GR-FE is a longitudinally-mounted 4.0-liter V-6 for rear-wheel and four-wheel drive applications. It appeared in 2003 and has been used since. The 1GR-FE appears in the 2003-present Toyota 4Runner, 2007-present Land Cruiser, 2005 to present Tacoma, 2005-2006 and 2010-present Tundra, 2007-present FJ Cruiser, and 2012-present Lexus GX 400. In most of these model years, the engine was upgraded to dual VVT-i in 2010 and forward. Both the Tacoma and FJ Cruiser has a TRD supercharger kit adaptation available.

The 2GR-FE is a smaller, 3.5-liter V-6 meant to be transversely mounted in front-wheel-drive applications. The stroke was shortened though the bore remained the same, reducing torque but retaining horsepower in most applications. All 2GR engines are Dual VVT-i. They appear in the 2005-present Avalon, 2005-2012 RAV4, 2006-present Sienna, 2006-2011 Camry, 2006-2012 Lexus ES 350, 2007-present Lexus RX 350, 2007-2014 Toyota Highlander, the Corolla Super GT, and the Lotus Evora GTE (modified to 4.0L).

The 2GR-FZE was the same engine as the FE, but with a Twin-Vortices supercharger attached for use in limited applications for Lotus, specifically the 2010 Evora and 2012 Exige S. A version of the 2GR with D4-S twin injection, the 2GR-FSE, was also used in 2006 Lexus GS 350, 450h, IS 350, and IS 350 C models. Another variant as an Atkinson-cycle VVT-i, the 2GR-FXE was used in the 2010 Lexus RX 450h and Toyota Highlander Hybrid as well as the 2012 Lexus GS 450h.

In 2006, a third-generation GR was introduced in the Lexus GS 300 as the 3GR-FSE, but was only used that one year. The 4GR-FSE was used for the Lexus IS 250 and 250 C that same year and then in 2012 in the Lexus GS250. The fifth-generation GR is used only in China.


  • Firing Order: 1-2-3-4-5-6
  • Spark Gap: 0.043 in


  • Firing Order: 1-2-3-4-5-6
  • Spark Gap: 0.043 in


  • Firing Order: ?
  • Spark Gap: 0.040 in


  • Firing Order: 1-2-3-4-5-6
  • Spark Gap: 0.041 in


  • Firing Order: 1-2-3-4-5-6
  • Spark Gap: 0.039 in

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