5 Toyota Concept Vehicles We Wish Were Real - Toyota Parts Blog

Sometimes auto makers develop concepts with no intention of making them. Other times, they planned to put them into production, and it never happened. Here are five concepts that we wish Toyota would produce.

FT1 concept

The FT-1 concept is a no brainer! Although this has a good chance of turning into ‘something’, we’ve yet to see this ‘something’ in production. Introduced two years ago now, this concept gave new hope to Supra fanatics everywhere. Its future? Status currently in limbo.

CHR concept

Another concept from 2014, the C-HR has yet to see production. This futuristic looking SUV/crossover looks like a lot of fun. It would be wild to see this two-door vehicle on the road.

ABAT concept

The Toyota A-BAT is a somewhat flattened looking truck that would bring loads of technology to pickups. It’s a hybrid truck that we’re not expecting to see on the market anytime soon.

GRMN concept

This wild looking concept is know as the Toyota GRMN. It’s a sports roadster hybrid with a futuristic look.

FT1 FRS concept

Like the FT-1, this concept is a definite maybe. It will likely make it to production in some shape or form. It’s already close to the FR-S in design, with a few changes we can dig!

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Written by Elizabeth Puckett