Toyota Concept Cars We Would Like To See In Production

Every year, Toyota unveils concept cars at auto shows that never go into mass production. Some look really cool.

Here are some of our favorite Toyota concept cars that we would love to see go into production! By the way, you can see more photos/get more info about Toyota's concept cars here.

FT-HS – This is a mid-priced sports car that has a potent hybrid engine.  The car’s interior features a cross-car instrument panel.  This car is sleek, fun, and fast!

FT-CH – This compact car has some nice curves and also sports a hybrid engine.  It was introduced during the 2010 North American International Auto Show.  It looks like it can be a Transformer.

PM – We probably won’t see these going into production any time soon.  They look like something you may see in a futuristic movie.  “PM” stands for personal mobility vehicle.

These are just a few concept vehicles, we would love to see go into production so we can start carrying Toyota parts and Toyota accessories for them!