Prius Shortage - Toyota Parts Blog

The Toyota Prius<, null, null, null, null)"> is cutting back on car production, which is especially frustrating for the people who traded in their clunkers for new priuses in the recent ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program. The Toyota Prius is one of the most wanted vehicles and has taken a greater importance in “going green”.

Many people are buying a Prius because of the recent raised gas prices and their superb Toyota Parts. The jump in gas prices last year made the demand for this car skyrocket. The amount of fuel savings is around $1,100 a year. It has become ‘the car’ for saving money and being eco-friendly.

Toyota has also been making cars as they need them, which makes sure the cars just wont be sitting in a warehouse. They also make the Toyota Parts as needed for the cars, resulting in production slow-down.

Written by Tom Blackman