New Electric Car Revealed

The FT-EV II is a compact Electric Vehicle designed for short distances, and it is based on the idea of a future mobility society in which EVs are common. The FT-EV II features a high-quality package extremely convenient in urban settings. 

- Ultra-efficient package with a body more compact than ultra-compact “iQ”, but still with seating for four

- Drive-by-wire technology enables joystick operation of all functions including the accelerator, brakes, and steering wheel; ample legroom provided by elimination of accelerator and brake pedals assist the Toyota Parts.

- Electric sliding doors on both sides

- Top-speed of over 100km/h

- Easy coverage of over 90km on fully charged battery-ample for everyday use

This new car is extremely quiet and a comfortable ride with smooth acceleration, thanks to TMC-cultivated motor-control technology, which is part of the hybrid system at the core of TMC’s environmental technologies.