2010 Prius News

2010 Prius

The New 2010 Prius is still honoring its name, as the new model has been more than 90 percent redesigned and combined with one of the best aerodynamic performances in the world.  The Prius has certain advances that help it achieve the world-leading fuel efficiency of 38.0km/l2. It comes with four driving modes to match specific driving environments as well as a solar-powered ventilation system and other bold features. Since becoming the world’s first mass-production hybrid, it has sold in more than 40 countries and has sold over 1.25 million units as of March 31, 2009.

The engine has a higher efficiency, while the motor, inverter, and other units are smaller, lighter, and more efficient. The high fuel efficiency and driving performance is equivalent to those of a 2.4-liter engine, while the Prius has a 1.8-liter engine. The engine raises the fuel efficiency at high speeds because the engine reduces rpm. The Prius has the first-ever electric-powered water pump that draws its energy from the battery. This reduces friction loss through constant control of the water flow and drive belt.

Slimmer front seatbacks and other slight adjustments create a roomier interior. A pre-crash safety system, vehicle stability control, six restraint system airbags, and headrests are available to ensure safety at the highest level. Improvements in the body reduce the likelihood of head injuries to pedestrians to achieve one of the highest levels of injury prevention. Review of materials and processing methods reduced organic compounds and unpleasant interior odors to levels agreeable with the industry standards. All of these changes use Toyota parts.

The Prius. Where going green looks cool. And is easier on the wallet. Imagine driving in a stylish, ecofriendly car while saving money during the $4 a gallon gas period.