The Toyota AR Series Engine

The AR engine series is a straight-four piston engine series introduced in 2008 on the RAV4 and now appears in the:

  • 4-Cylinder Venza
  • Highlander
  • Camry
  • Scion tC models.

This is an all-aluminum engine utilizing dual overhead cams (DOHC) and is very similar to the AZ engine series it replaces, but with variable valve timing, intelligent (VVT-i) and an offset crankshaft. The intake tract is two-stage and is controlled by an Acoustic Control Induction System giving a broader torque range. These engines are far more efficient than their predecessors. Most AR engines are global.

First Generation AR Series Toyota Engine

The 1AR-FE was introduced in 2008 as a 2.7-liter option for the Venza and Highlander (AGV10/15 and ASU40 respectively) and quickly entered the Sienna and Lexus RX (ASU40 and AGL10). 


The 2AR-FE engine.

Second Generation AR Series

The second-generation 2AR-FE was released the same year as a 2.5-liter option for smaller vehicles like the RAV4 (ASA33/38), Camry (ASV40, starting 2009), and the Scion tC (AGT20). An Atkinson cycle variant, produced as the 2AR-FXE, was also introduced for the Camry Hybrid (AVV50). A direct-injected version, the 2AR-FSE, was also introduced for the Lexus IS 300h.

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