Toyota Wagon Love Fest

The station wagon, in its traditional form, hasn’t seen a production line in a while. Sure, we have compact crossovers, which are close, but nothing quite like a wagon. To celebrate Toyota wagons, here’s a look at several models before their untimely demise.

Toyota Tercel Wagon

red Tercel wagon

The Toyota Tercel Wagon was introduced as a model during the 2nd generation of the Tercel. This generation brought a more angular and contemporary Tercel than the prior design. 

Tercel wagon news clipping

The wagon was even available in a four-wheel-drive version.

Tercel wagon christmas newspaper clip

This wagon provided a ton of space for passengers and cargo. Outside of changing gear ratios and small interior changes, it continued in its original form through 1988. In 1989, the Tercel would carry on without the wagon.

Tercel wagon red

The Tercel Wagon made an appearance on AMC’s Breaking Bad as one of the lead character’s vehicles. 

Toyota Corolla Wagon

mustard yellow Corolla wagon

Premiering in the third generation of the Corolla, the wagon was one of five models available. (Other interesting Corolla facts here.)

Corolla wagon

The Corolla wagon would roll through the fourth generation.

mint green Corolla wagon

Fifth generation…

Corolla wagon silver

…And the sixth generation. The last subcompact station wagon produced in USA and Canada was the 1992 Toyota Corolla.

Corolla wagon red

Toyota discontinued the model by the start of the 9th generation.

Toyota Camry Wagon

black and white 1983 Camry Wagon

The Camry wagon showed up with the first generation Camry.

87-91 Camry wagon dented

For the second generation, the Toyota Camry station wagon would carry on.

92-94 Camry wagon

The final run of the Camry wagon would come to an end by the 1997 year model. Toyota dropped it and the coupe, leaving only a sedan version.

If you have any of these wagons, make sure you’re on top of the upkeep. Since they’re no longer in production, finding parts might be a task. However, we have a large selection of Tercel parts here. This way, you can preserve your Toyota wagon for many years to come.