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Earthquake in Japan Rocks Auto-motor Companies - Toyota Parts Blog

While the recent earthquake in Japan has rocked the world’s humanitarian efforts, Toyota and other automotive companies are having issues of their own. Toyota is one of two major companies who have a large production base in the affected area, and when the 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit they suspended production in order to observe the long term effects the earthquake would have.

The Earthquake that shook the nation of Japan is causing companies to evolve with the situation. Several Toyota factories suffered minor damage, although none were critically damaged.

While it is expected that the earthquake will have small-term negative effects on the business as a whole, nothing two drastic is expected to happen. Companies all over the nation will be trying to make up for the current ecological “disaster” that Japan is going through and Toyota is no different. Reuters did a report on the incident and its effect on Toyota, and stated

“The company has suspended production at all factories in Japan until 16 March. It has estimated an output loss of about 40,000 units. For the nine months ended December 2010, domestic production accounted for over 50% of total global production”

Toyota owns two major manufacturing plants in Japan where the earthquake hit. They manufacture both Scion xB and xD Toyota Parts for the U.S. They only suffered “minor damages” and will be resuming their manufacturing as soon as the disaster is resolved.

Written by Tom Blackman