Attention World: Replacement Toyota Parts ARE Available

Toyota’s recent announcement about their summer vehicle production schedule highlights the impact of Japan’s earthquake on the supply of auto parts. From Toyota: 

“[Toyota] plans to continue procuring parts from the same suppliers, but it will consider substitute parts from other suppliers. TMC said there are approximately 150 parts affecting new-vehicle production, mainly electronic, rubber and paint-related. However, replacement parts for sales service and repair are available [emphasis added].”

It may seem odd that, on one hand, Toyota doesn’t have parts to manufacture new vehicles but that, on the other, Toyota has replacement parts available. How can this be?

Most Toyota Replacement Part Inventories Are Strong

If you look across the Toyota parts catalog, you’ll see that the vast majority of parts we sell (98%+) are readily available. This is because the production of the vast majority of Toyota vehicle parts was not affected by the earthquake in Japan. In fact, many parts Toyota uses on new vehicles sold in the USA aren’t built in Japan – they’re built right here in this country. So many of Toyota’s best-selling vehicles – like the Tundra, Camry, Tacoma, Sienna, etc. – are built in the United States and the parts come from U.S. suppliers.

What’s more, we really don’t even have parts that are in “short supply” – the worst-case scenario is that the replacement Toyota part you need is on “controlled allocation,” which means you’ll need to wait a little longer for us to order the part for you.

That’s it – no shortages, no problems fixing your car, and the very worst case is a slightly longer wait while we order your part.

So, if you’re thinking about buying some cheap Toyota parts from some mysterious-looking store on eBay because you think your dealer is out of parts, don’t risk it. You can get the parts you need on our website..