Lexus SC 2002-2010 Paint Code Guide

Matching paint colors can often be a bear. Automakers put out several shades of the same color and/or have specific mixes and the Lexus SC is no exception. No longer is red simply red. It is can be one of 4 different shades or a special tint, for exampleHere is a handy guide to determine what color you really have. 

Lexus SC 2002-2010 Paint Code Guide

What is the exact color of this Lexus SC? Don’t know? You’re not alone, here is a handy guide to figure it out.

What Is Your Paint Number?

In order to determine what color you are dealing with, you will need to find the color number located on the manufacture sticker. This sticker is located on the door jamb and is commonly known as the place to find tire pressure information — your color is located here as well.


The paint number begins with the words “C/TR” and is followed by three digits that may/may not include letters. This code correlates to a Toyota-specific color.

Paint Number, Color Selection Chart

With the paint number, you should be able to determine the color’s name. Here is a chart with the name of the color and the paint number.

Lexus SC 1992-2000 Color Selections  
Paint Name Paint Code
Angora Beige Metallic 4P9
Baroque Red Metallic 3M9
Black Onyx 202
Bordeaux Pearl 3L4
Cinnabar Pearl 3N1
Classic Green Pearl 6P2
Diamond White Pearl 051
Garnet Pearl 3K3
Golden Pearl 057
Graphite Metallic 182
Imperial Jade Mica 6Q7
Midnight Indigo Pearl 8J5
Millennium Silver Metallic 1C0
Platinum Metallic 1A0
Renaissance Red 3L2
Royal Jade Pearl 6M2
Royal Sapphire Pearl 8L5
Sandstone Beige Metallic 4K9
Shadow Rose Quartz 3K7
Silver Spruce Metallic 6M3
Teal Mist Metallic 6N1

Lexus SC 2002-10 Color Selections
Paint Name Paint Code
Absolutely Red 3P0
Azure Pearl 8Q6
Black Diamond Pearl 211
Black Onyx 202
Black Sapphire Pearl 8U0
Chardonnay Pearl 4S7
Costa Azul Mica 8U4
Egyptian Sand Pearl 4Q8
Golden Almond Metallic 4T1
Indigo Ink Pearl 8P4
Matador Red Mica 3R1
Mercury Metallic 1F2
Midnight Pine Pearl 6S6
Millennium Silver Metallic 1C0
Obsidian 212
Smoky Granite Mica 1G0
Starfire Pearl 077
Thundercloud Metallic 1D2
Tigereye Mica 4T2
Twilight Amethyst Pearl 3P6
White Gold Crystal 065

With the second generation colors there are a few notes:

  • Thundercloud only on 100 ’02 Neiman Marcus Ed’s and referred to as Silver Belle Metallic
  • Azure Pearl only on 400 ’04 Pebble Beach Editions
  • Black Diamond only on 600 ’05 Pebble Beach Ed’s
  • 500 ’06 Pebble Beach Ed’s in Tigereye Mica
  • 400 ’07 Pebble Beach Ed’s in Starfire Pearl
  • 360 ’08 Pebble Beach Ed’s in Smoky Granite
  • 300 ’09 Pebble Beach Ed’s in Mercury Metallic
  • Opaline Pearl incorrectly listed in 2009 brochure

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Written by Tim Esterdahl