4th Gen Toyota 4Runner Paint Code Guide

The 4th Generation of the Toyota 4Runner was produced from 2003 – 2009. For this incarnation, Toyota gave their legendary SUV a more refined feel. By adding options and colors to the brand, Toyota moved the 4Runner from the literal jungle to the urban jungle. But, touch-ups are still needed. This guide is a handy reference to ensure that your 4Runner looks better on its way out of the body shop than it did on the way in.

First, here’s how to identify your paint code using the identification plate inside the driver-side door. This plate gives many details about your vehicle, from the manufacture date to the total weight of your 4Runner to the options equipped from the factory. The paint code, pointed out below, is a numeric representation of your car’s paint color. Every factory car color has a unique code, and this allows painters to make sure they can perfectly match the paint. It’s important to use the code, because as you can see in the color chart, many colors are similar, and can look the same in different lighting conditions. Using the paint code will ensure that your burgundy 4Runner doesn’t turn bright red in the sun. See the guide below for the location of the paint code on the plate

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Paint code

  • Once you have ascertained the paint code, you have valuable knowledge for a few reasons.
  • First, its good to know the paint code because you can purchase the right touch-up paint from the dealer for small nicks and chips. These are often found on the bumper and hood.
  • They are small enough that a quick dab of touch-up paint will hide it without requiring the time and cost of a professional painter.
  • Covering nicks and chips is important because it helps keep the flaws from growing. It also protects the primer under the paint, preventing rust.
  • Additionally, knowing the paint code for your vehicle is important because in the event of an accident or body shop visit, it allows you to be an educated customer and you can ensure that the paint used on your vehicle is the correct color for the year.
  • As you can see on the chart below, some colors were changed over the production years of the same generation, and its important to know that youre getting the right color.

4Runner color chart