Toyota 4Runner Paint Code Guide

The 4Runner has been a big seller in the SUV category since the early 80s and has always been well-known for its reliability. They will easily run well past 100k miles. In fact, we have a post on how to get your 4Runner to 200k miles! Below we'll cover highlights of each generation along with paint code guides, and we'll show you how to identify the paint codes on your 4Runner.

Finding Your Paint Code

Toyota paint codes

Let's start by finding the paint code for your 4Runner. You will use this code to identify your paint color. Every Toyota has an identification plate inside the driver-side door. The plate holds lots of information including your curb weight, trim options, etc. The paint code is a numeric representation of your car’s paint color and is included in the info found on this plate.

Toyota paint color code

Every factory paint color has a unique code, and this allows painters to make sure they can perfectly match the paint. It’s important to use the code because many colors are similar, and can look the same in different lighting conditions - even to the keenest eye. Using the paint code will ensure that your burgundy 4Runner doesn’t turn bright red in the sun.

First Generation

The first-generation 4Runner was produced from 1984 to 1989. This generation was well-known for the 22R inline-4 engine, which has been used worldwide in countless vehicles and has proven to be one of the most reliable gasoline engines ever produced. Another fun fact about the early models is that they are the only generation of 4Runner with only three doors.

First generation Toyota 4runner
First generation Toyota 4runner paint colors

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Second Generation

The second generation of 4Runner was produced only for five years, between 1990 and 1995. Almost all the second generation 4Runners had 4 doors, but many also featured a drop-down tailgate that very few other SUVs of the time offered. The second generation 4Runner also featured a tough, full-steel integrated body, a shift from the Helix look-alike of the first generation model.

Second generation Toyota 4runner
Second generation Toyota 4runner paint colors

Third Generation

The third generation 4Runner saw production from 1996-2002 and was a significant redesign with more space for passengers and a more modern look. This was the first generation to share its underpinnings with the Tacoma. This generation was extremely popular with over 100,000 units sold each year between 1997 and 2000.

Third generation Toyota 4runner paint colors

Fourth Generation

The fourth generation, produced from 2002-2009, moved toward a more luxurious feel. A V-8 was available for the first time as an option. The 4th generation also incorporated many more electronic safety features like standard rollover sensing side curtain airbags and front row side torso airbags. More trim levels were also available, including a Sport Edition with the X-Relative Absorber Suspension System.

Fourth generation Toyota 4runner
Fourth generation Toyota 4runner paint colors

Fifth Generation

The fifth generation of the 4Runner has been in production since 2010 and shares the Land Cruiser and FJ Cruiser platform. It has been extremely popular since its update in 2013 with a more aggressive look and the intorduction of a TRD Pro trim level. It also saw the addition of many, more unique colors to the 4Runner lineup.

Fifth generation Toyota 4runner
Fifth generation Toyota 4runner paint colors
Toyota 4runner paint colors

If you're working on the body of your 4Runner, keep this list handy. You can head to your dealership to purchase touch-up paint for small DIY jobs. If you're repairing or replacing body panels, these paint codes allow you to be an educated customer when you take your Toyota to the body shop for paint. You can ensure that the paint used on your vehicle is the correct color for the year and will match and age as the factory intended. If you'd like to see our selection of Toyota body parts, you can find that here.

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