Toyota Tacoma Paint Code Guide

For vehicle manufacturers, one of the best ways to keep consumers excited about an aging model is to offer new and exciting options. Automakers often heighten interest is by introducing new paint colors for a given model year. (If you'd like a little more info on Toyota Tacoma parts and maintenance, check out this post).

While these varying colors may be exciting, this continual development of colors often leads to countless variations of a single color. For example, how many shades of blue do you think Toyota has developed over the past 60 years? Just the first-generation Tacoma had 4 different blues. That's why our team compiled this easy guide to help you identify the correct color for your Tacoma yar and trim level.

What Is Your Paint Code?

Toyota tacoma paint codes

Before we dig into the various colors and rarities amongst the Tacoma models, check out the sticker in your driver's door jamb. It should look like the sticker pictured below. This sticker tells you all sorts of helpful information about your Tacoma including many of the options originally selected for your vehicle. On this sticker, you'll see the paint code followed by three digits that may/may not include letters. This code correlates to a Toyota-specific color.

First-Generation Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma comes in three specific generations, with various paint offerings throughout. The first generation Tacoma was first introduced in 1995 with nine color options. During this generation, some rarer colors included: Copper Canyon Mica, Mystic Purple Mica, and Lavender Steel Metallic, offered only for a few years between 1997 and 2000.

Toyota tacoma first generation
Toyota tacoma first generation paint codes

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Second-Generation Toyota Tacoma Models

The second-generation Toyota Tacoma hit the roads in 2005 and continued for nearly the next decade. This generation of Tacoma is typically split into early and later model trucks. In 2012 the "facelifted" models first hit the roads with a pretty extensive changeup in colors offered. Some of the rarest colors in this generation include Inferno, Nautical Blue Metallic, and Spruce Mica. This generation also included the X-Runner 2wd models which have other rare paint offerings as well.

Toyota tacoma second generation
Toyota tacoma second generation paint codes

Third-Generation Toyota Tacoma Models

The third generation of Tacoma has been in production since 2016 as the brand continued to add more colors and options to the Toyota Tacoma. In this generation, Inferno and Quicksand are rare colors. Below you'll find a photo with the color codes specific to this generation.

Toyota tacoma third generation
Toyota tacoma third generation paint codes

With the information in this post, you will be in-the-know when you head to your local dealership for touchup paint. If you're looking for other body parts or OEM paint protection, check out this page to browse our huge selection of products.

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