Toyota Tacoma Top Aftermarket Products/Accessories

The Toyota Tacoma is a pretty awesome stock truck. However, there are many great products to personalize it and amp up its performance. If you are ready to take your truck to the next level, check out these must-haves. 

Bed Liner

Tacoma bed liner

A bed liner protects, helps stop cargo from sliding, and is safer to walk on.

One of the first things you will want to do with your Toyota Tacoma is to add a bed liner. Bed liners are really more than just protective coatings these days. They can add traction to keep your cargo from sliding around.

Adding a spray-in liner from companies like Rhino or Line-X is a good option. Also, drop-in bed liners, such as Duraliner, have improved over the years and are worth considering.

Custom Exhaust

Tacoma exhaust

New exhausts don’t just sound better, they can help the truck increase its performance output.

More than just improving the sound, custom exhausts also have performance upgrades as well. For example, companies like Magnaflow or TRD are touting improved horsepower and torque from their lineup of exhaust systems. While the cost/benefit of adding a custom exhaust may be a personal preference, it is worth looking into.

LED Light Bar

Tacoma light bar

LED light bars literally light up the night.

The latest fad for trucks, long LED light bars mounted to either the roof or around the front bumper will provide superior lighting while adding a touch of style. These light strips are easy to install and can be wired into the cab of the truck. Plus, the LED lights last longer than other bulbs.

Grille Guard

Tacoma grille guard

A grille guard doesn’t just change the appearance of your truck, it helps protect it.

A very practical upgrade for any truck is a grille guard. These guards do a great job of protecting your investment from damage. They also can be quite useful when needing to push items around. There are also many different styles to choose from including bull bars and full-wrap guards.

Side Steps/Rails

Tacoma side steps

Side rails like these from Body Armor can help you climb in and out of your truck. They can also be a stylish addition.

The Tacoma, like most trucks, offers great visibility when driving it. Yet, this comes at a price – getting in and out of it. While the mid-size truck is easier than say the full-size Tundra to climb in and out, side steps/rails are a nice addition.

Also, side steps/rails can help provide a buffer against items rolling into your truck. Quite often, items like shopping carts can hit the side rails/steps before they ding your door.

Air Intake

Tacoma air intake

A TRD air intake can improve performance by bringing more air into the engine.

Another performance improvement is air intake. Many companies like K&N and TRD offer air intake improvement kits. These kits replace the stock system to provide improved engine performance via more airflow. The reality is air intake kits are a cheap way to improve horsepower.

Lift/Leveling Kits

Tacoma leveling kit

A lift kit provides a whole new perspective on a Tacoma.

One of the most asked questions on any fan forum is lift/leveling kits. This is often tied to questions about wheel upgrades. For many buyers, adding height or leveling out the front are the first modifications they will do. This quickly gives the truck a unique look while providing the owner with the benefits of handling off-road obstacles easier.

Plus, adding a lift/leveling kit opens the door to many increased tire size options. With a stock setup, you are simply limited, not so with a lift kit.


Tacoma supercharger

A Supercharger is one of the best performance additions you can make to your Tacoma.

Without question, the absolute best way to improve performance is by adding a TRD supercharger. The supercharger is available on 4.0L V-6 non-FFV engines. According to Toyota, it adds an SAE certified 60 HP and a little more than 50 ft. lbs. of torque. Simply put, if you want to go faster sooner, you need a supercharger.

When it comes down to it, adding aftermarket products and accessories is all about personal preference. Any of the above items are a great way to get started making the Tacoma your own.