Scion xB Power Door Lock Failure Guide

Are you having trouble with your Scion xB’s door locks? Did one or all of them stop working? Get it fixed by looking over this guide with the most common problems and solutions.

Scion xB Power Door Lock Failure Guide

Are your Scion xB door locks causing you fits? Get them fixed by following the tips in this guide.

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Power door locks are great … when they work. When they don’t, it is a royal pain. Fortunately, there isn’t that many parts to the system and, in most cases, they are easy to fix.

The first step to fixing power door lock problems is to first correctly diagnose the problem. Once you have identified which door or what doesn’t work, find the section below that addresses your problem.

Remote Fails, Door Button Works

If your key fob doesn’t unlock the xB any longer, but the button on the door does, then you have a simple fix. The problem? Your key fob’s battery is dead.

In order to fix this, you will need to squeeze on the sides of your key fob until it pops apart. Then, find and carefully remove the battery. Most home improvement and grocery stores sell this battery. All you need to do is buy a new one and put it back in. Voila! Your key fob should be working now.

Single Door Fails to Lock/Unlock

If you have one door that isn’t working properly, you likely have a bad actuator motor. This motor powers the locking mechanism and will fail over time due to normal wear and tear. All you need to do is swap out the bad motor for a new one. Here is how it generally works:

  1. First, order a replacement part through your dealer or through
  2. Next, you will want to remove the door panel. Find and remove all the screws holding the door panel on. Often there are screws behind the speakers and in the door handle.
  3. After the screws are removed, carefully pull the door panel away from the door by using either a special tool or carefully using a flat head screwdriver. You should hear a clicking sound as the clips release.
  4. Once the door is loose, pull upwards and away from the door. Pay special attention to find and disconnect the electrical connection for the power door locks/windows.
  5. You should see a plastic shroud after the door is removed. Carefully peel back this shroud to expose the inner door.
  6. Next, find the door actuator by referencing the new part you bought. Simply swap out this motor.
  7. Lastly, reverse these directions to put the door back together.

All Doors/Multiple Doors Fail to Lock/Unlock

If you have multiple doors or all the doors failing to lock/unlock, you either have a simple blown fuse or a much larger wiring issue.

For the fuse, there is a door/window fuse in the fuse box. It is a simple swap to replace the fuse. However, if your windows work, it may not be the fuse.

If you swapped the fuse, changed the key fob battery, looked over every other part of the system and the door locks still don’t work, then you have a much larger issue. For this problem, you should bring your Scion in for service with a certified mechanic.


Written by Tim Esterdahl