Toyota Sequoia Door Lock Failure - Diagnose Guide

Is your Toyota Sequoia having power door lock problems? Is one door not working anymore? Get them fixed today by checking out this handy guide to the most common problems. 

Toyota Sequoia Door Lock Failure - Diagnose Guide

Are you having trouble with your Toyota Sequoia's door locks? Get them fixed by following this guide.

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The Toyota Sequoia is one of the most reliable large SUVs on the road today. Yet, with anything mechanical, things tend to wear down and break over time. Power door locks are no exception. Power door locks are a pretty simple system that uses a powered motor in the door to power the locks. This motor along with a fuse is normally the main culprits to problems with the locks.

In order to properly diagnose the problem, first carefully inspect your vehicle to correctly diagnose what is going on. Next, find the section below that matches your problem.

Single Door Fails To Lock/Unlock

If a single door is having a problem, odds are you have a bad actuator. In order to fix this problem, you need to simply swap out the bad actuator for a new one.

Swapping out the motor requires you to remove the door panel. Here’s how.

  1. Order a replacement part online 
  2. Remove the door panel by removing a screw in the armrest and in front of the door handle.
  3. While removing the door panel, unhook the electronic connection to the power door lock mechanism on the door panel.
  4. Peel back the shroud covering the interior components.
  5. Locate the door actuator and removing it.
  6. Replace the unit and replacing the door panel using the reverse instructions.

All Doors/Multiple Doors Fail

If all the doors or multiple doors fail, you either have a bad fuse or a much larger electrical problem. Check the fuse first and if that doesn’t work, take it to your local Toyota mechanic.

In order to replace the fuse, open the box and look for the fuse labeled windows/doors. Simply swap this fuse out with a new one and see if your problem is resolved.

If the fuse isn’t the problem, you could have a bad relay or something more intensive. Your best bet if this is the case is to bring it in for service.

Remote Fails, Door Buttons Work

If the key fob doesn’t work, but the buttons on the doors do, you are in luck. Your key fob simply has a bad battery.

In order to replace the key fob’s battery, you will need to open up the fob. Most key fobs open by squeezing the sides until the back/front pop open. Inside, you will find a round battery. Carefully remove this battery and insert a new one. This should fix your problem.