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Toyota Prius Receives Awards Overseas - Toyota Parts Blog

Today in Abu Dhabi, the Toyota 2010 Prius was awarded the Zayed Future Energy Award for its innovative energy system. While everyone knew about its amazing fuel efficiency, this is one of the first big awards the 3rd Generation Prius has received. Almost 300 entries were considered, and the Prius came out on top. There were many reasons the Prius won. Over the lifetime of the Prius brand, Toyota has saved approximately seven million tons of CO2, keeping the environment clean.

Zayed Future Energy Award

Zayed Future Energy Award

The company received the grand prize of $1.5 million, and the two runners up received $350,000. Basically anyone can run for the award, just as long as they showed groundbreaking leadership and innovation. The award has been around for 2 years now, and it has been making a big difference in the motivation of companies like Toyota. As you can imagine, 1.5 million dollars can make a big difference, and while Toyota is a multinational company, every cent counts in today’s economy.

According to http://www.khaleejtimes.com/ on receiving the Prize, Kazuo Okamoto, Vice Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation, said: “Winning this award is true recognition of the years of hard work that went into making the Toyota Prius a reality and I am honored to receive it on behalf of Toyota Motor Corporation. I am confident that this will further increase awareness of hybrid vehicles and their environment-friendly features, thereby contributing to a sustainable future in the long run.”

As the years go by, we can only expect the contestants in the award to get better and better. Who knows? Maybe next year there will be a completely new generation of vehicles, featuring Genuine Toyota Parts, which put out virtually no global warming causing exhaust? Only time will tell.

Written by Tom Blackman