Toyota Sienna Power Door Lock Failure Guide - Fix It Today

The Toyota Sienna is a great choice for hauling around the family or for extra storage. Yet, when the power door locks fail to work, it isn’t so great. Here is a handy guide to help you diagnose your door lock failure problems and get them working again – fast!

Toyota Sienna Power Door Lock Failure Guide - Fix It Today

Are your door locks not working in your Toyota Sienna? Get them fixed today by following this guide.

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Before you begin to diagnose the problem, make sure you take some time to look over the problem and test out all of your door locks. Also, spend time “listening” to your door locks. Do you hear a buzzing sound? Does the lock sound like it is just getting stuck? Here is a break down of what to look for with different combinations of door lock failure.

Four Doors/Multiple Doors Fail to Lock/Unlock

If you have multiple doors or if all four doors fail to lock/unlock you could be looking at the worst case scenario – a wiring issue. Before you take it in though, try to change out the fuse and try manually locking the door. Each of these things will help you and/or your mechanic start narrowing down the problem.

A word of caution, if it is an electrical wiring issue, don’t consider tackling it on your own unless you have lots of time and patience. These types of repairs can take a lot of time and create quite a bit of stress.

One Door Doesn’t Lock/Unlock

If you have one door that doesn’t lock or unlock, you probably have either an actuator motor issue and/or the door lock is simply getting stuck. Here is how you fix it.

  1. Remove the door panel and look over the locking mechanism.
  2. If the lock is free from obstructions, it could be the actuator. Order a new motor from a Toyota authorized dealer like ours:
  3. After you have the replacement part, it is simply a swap and reassemble process. Just make sure you take your time and don’t bend anything. Surprisingly, the door locking mechanism can get out of whack quickly if things don’t line up quite right. Take your time.
  4. Replace the door panel and pat yourself on the back.

Remote Lock/Unlock Fails, Button on Door Works

If you can manually lock your doors or the lock/unlock button works inside the car, yet the key fob won’t unlock the doors, you have a simple issue. Simply put, the battery is dead in your key fob. You can either open the key fob (squeeze on the sides) and get a replacement battery from a store. Or, you can bring your car to the dealer and they can replace it quickly and easily.

Power door locks sure are convenient, yet they are incredibly frustrating when they don’t work. Hopefully one of these instructions above solved your problem.


Written by Tim Esterdahl