Interesting Toyota Tundra Facts

The Toyota Tundra is the full-size truck offering from Toyota and has gained a lot of attention through the years. Here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know.

Interesting Toyota Tundra Facts

Did you know that the Toyota Tundra CrewMax has a sliding rear window? Learn more interesting facts about the truck.

CrewMax Rear Window Rolls Down

Most people don’t realize that the rear windown in the CrewMax (full-size cab) rolls down completely. It actually works just like any other window throughout the truck and can be rolled down in any increment. This feature is especially nice for improving the airflow throughout the cabin.

American Built – San Antonio, Texas

The Tundra and Tacoma share a factory in San Antonio, Texas and the Tundra is one of the most “American Made” full-size trucks on the market. Toyota has invested billions into this plant and has also built many of the supply factories in the U.S. as well. The Tundra is designed, built and sold only in North America.

Name Lawsuit

Initially Toyota wanted to call the Tundra, the T150. This was the name given to protypes and “show trucks” when the first generation was introduced in 1999. The T150 name would have followed suit with Toyota’s naming convention started with the T100. Naturally, a T150 makes a lot of sense. Yet, Ford sued Toyota claiming the name was too close to their F-150 series of trucks. Toyota reconsidered the name and the Tundra name was born.

SAE J2807 Compliant

The Tundra is the only full-size truck on the market that is J2807 compliant. What is that? That is the Society of Automotive Engineers towing protocol. Essentially, full-size truck makers have bloated their towing ratings and have created an atmosphere of confusion among consumers. The SAE developed a series of tests that determine the towing capacity of a truck. These standards were also developed with the assistance of all the major manufactures. Since the development of the standards in 2010, the Tundra is the only full-size truck that uses this standard. Toyota calls it the “Truth in Towing” standard. The other automakers have refused to use the standard since its inception and have instead been criticized.

Large Rear Differential Ring Gear

The Tundra has one of the largest rear differential ring gears, 10.5 inches, in its classes. This allows the truck to handle the stresses of heavy loads and withstand all sorts of towing punishment. This combined with large brake discs make the Tundra a towing machine.

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Written by Tim Esterdahl