How To Select The Perfect Pickup

white Toyota Truck

Toyota offers two types of trucks the Tacoma and the Tundra. While there are two models, deciding between the two can be a difficult decision. To help you decide, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself. 

How Will You Be Using Your Truck?

Will your truck be used for a lot of heavy-duty work?  Or will it be used as a family-type vehicle?  Based on how you use the truck, you’ll have a lot of options.  If you’re considering it as a work-only truck, you’ll want to consider the regular-cab option.  If you’re thinking it will be used for work and play, consider the double-cab options.

Who Will Be Riding In Your Truck?

If you’re looking for something with more space you have several options.  Both the Tacoma and Tundra come with double-cab options.  However, if you have a big family and they’ll be riding in your truck, you may want to go with the Tundra as it has more cab space.

Are You Concerned About Gas Mileage?

If you’re concerned with gas mileage, you’ll want to consider the Tacoma as it gets better gas mileage than the Tundra.  The Tacoma gets 21/25 (city/highway) mpg. While the Tundra gets 16/20 mpg.

Whatever truck you decide on, make sure to use genuine Toyota parts. This will keep your truck on the road longer. Do a search on our site for Tacoma parts or Tundra parts to find the quality parts you need.