The First Real Toyota Supercar - Lexus LFA

Toyota showed the 2012 Lexus LFA at the North America Auto Show, and is making quite a splash. Never before has Toyota been considered a competitor in the Supercar business, so this car is really their first step on that side of the industry. But truly, it’s more than a car. It is the culmination of 9 years of design, engineering, and hard work, and was planned to fight its way into the exotic beast category. Put at a pricey $350,000, this unique Toyota has an impressive 552 – hp V10 engine, which can crank out some serious RPM’s certain to impress even the biggest skeptic. 

Lexus 2012 LFA

Several lucky reporters have test-driven the supercar, and the reviews are what could be expected. Overall it is said to drive fairly hard and stiff, which probably is because this is their first attempt at a Ferrari – style supercar. The big hitters like Ferrari and Lamborghini have been at it so long that they have managed to instill a smooth, natural, and precise steering quality, that is hard to reproduce in a first attempt. Under the hood, the Lexus 2012 LFA is very impressive. Toyota reported to Motor Trend that it goes 0-to-60 in 3.7 seconds and a top end of 204 mph, which is only .4 seconds behind its European competitors

Lexus 2012 LFA Interior

The look of the car, however, says a different story. The interior has blazing hot red highlights and digital displays that change themes depending on what driving mode the car is in. The body style is modern, sharp, and definitely eye-catching; it includes a huge tri – vent – exhaust pipe and sleek headlight design. The LFA also includes a dynamic tail-fin, rising and falling at the touch of a button.

With the first installment of a high-end and exotic Toyota, consumers and collectors should keep an eye out for the company, as it blasts its way into the supercar industry. With every new vehicle, the handling can be expected to get better, and you never know, maybe the future LFA could be the next Lamborghini, powered by world-renowned Toyota Parts?