Installing New Brake Pads - Part 2

Toyota Brake Illustration
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In Part I, we explained how to remove the old brake pad from your Toyota. Now it’s time to replace it with a new genuine Toyota brake pad.

1. Inspect all the old shims and mounting hardware to determine if they need to be replaced with Genuine Toyota Parts, return the support plates to the caliper bracket. 

2. Place wear indicators from the old brake pads on the new brake pads. Make sure that the arrow on the indicator plate points in the direction that the tire rotates. 

3. Place the shims on the outside of each brake pad and insert the pads into the caliper bracket.

4. Use the recommended piston caliper tool if needed to turn the caliper piston clockwise while pressing it into the caliper bore.  Place the caliper over the brake pads.  Insert and tighten the caliper mounting bolts.

5. You will then want to replace the tire and wheel and lower the car to the ground. 

6. Finally, pump the brake pedal a few times in order to seat the pads. 

Use these steps to ensure your Toyota Parts keep their high-end quality for the longest time.