Do Your Rear Toyota Brake Pads Need Changing? Part 1

Toyota Brakes

If your Toyota's rear brake pads need changing, using genuine Toyota parts will keep it in top shape. Changing brake pads is a job anyone can do but it does require the right tools and safety precautions. We'll show you how! 

This post will cover Part I - how to get started and remove your brake pads. Part II will cover how to install new brake pads on your Toyota.

Parts And Tools Needed

Before getting started, you’ll need to order the brake pads for your Toyota. You'll also want the following tools:

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Wheel chocks
  • Metric socket set or box/crescent wrenches
  • WD-40 or penetrating lubricant
  • DOT 4 brake fluid

Steps To Remove Your Rear Brake Pads

  1. First, park your Toyota car or truck on a flat surface, preferably off-street in a garage or driveway.
  2. Place wheel chocks in front of the front wheels.
  3. Raise the car's rear using a floor jack and place jack stands on each side. To avoid damaging your car's body or other parts, check your owner's manual for the correct locations for the jack and jack stands. Always use jack stands for safety whenever the wheels are off the ground.
  4. Remove the rear wheels - you'll want to loosen the lug nuts while the wheels are on the ground.
  5. Locate the brake master cylinder under the hood. In most cases, it's located on the firewall at the driver's side. 
  6. Use a socket wrench or box/crescent wrench to remove the caliper mounting bolts.
  7. Slide the caliper off the disk rotor and secure it so it doesn't hang from the brake hose. If you let it hang free, the brake hose could be damaged.
  8. Remove the brake pads, shims, and springs from the calipers. You will want to replace any worn-out or damaged parts with genuine Toyota parts.

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All OEM brake pads and parts are backed by the standard Toyota 12-month, unlimited miles warranty.