Toyota Front Brake Pad Replacement - 04465-35290

Your front brakes are an important part of the safety equipment on your vehicle. Like all maintenance items, brakes are subject to wear and tear, which means you will need to replace them at regular intervals. However, you’ll also need to whenever you notice them squeaking, pulling, or should your brake pedal seems soft. You can replace the front brake pads by following these instructions.

Toyota Front Brake Pad Replacement - 04465-35290

Replacing brake pads is a fairly straightforward repair. Just make sure you replace the pads with the OEM-approved parts.

You need to place your vehicle in an area that is well lit and clean, like a garage. You will need the basic mechanic’s tools, a jack and jack stand, and your replacement brake pads.

Make sure your vehicle is level and the parking brake is engaged. Loosen the lug nuts on the wheel with the brakes you want to replace. Jack up the car and remove the tire. Place the jack stands solidly under the wheel that you have jacked up.

There are two bolts that hold the caliper in place. Remove them and the caliper will loosen up. You can allow the caliper to hang, but make sure you do not kink the brake line.

You can check your rotor for warping or wear. Unless your vehicle is vibrating upon the application of the brakes, the rotors are probably okay.

Your brake pads are located where the calipers were, and they are held in place by clips. Using your pliers, push the clips together and remove the brake pads. Put your replacement brake pads on.

The calipers need to be compressed in order to put them back on. You can use a c-clamp and the old brake pad to compress the calipers. After you have compressed the calipers, you can reinstall them and bolt them on.

Replace your tire and lower your vehicle. Move to the other side of the vehicle and repeat the process on the other front wheel.

Once you have your brake pads installed, press the brake pedal a few times. While it may seem soft at first, it should firm up after a few pushes.

In order to change your front brake pads, you will need OEM part # 04465-35290. You can buy it here.