Toyota Fuel Pump Buyer's Guide

Your Toyota’s fuel pump should last for years, but any moving component will eventually fail. If you suspect that your pump is faulty, it’s important to get it fixed right away. Our in-depth Toyota fuel pump buyer’s guide will help you every step of the way and covers:

  • What fuel pumps are and how they work
  • How to diagnose failing or faulty fuel pumps
  • OEM vs Aftermarket – which one is better?
  • How to replace a fuel pump

Fuel Pumps Explained

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Your fuel pump sends gas from the fuel tank to the engine. It is inside the fuel tank and pumps fuel to the fuel injectors. These then spray gasoline into the combustion chamber. It has to work perfectly for your car to run smoothly.

A failing fuel pump will cause your car to run rough as the fuel/air mixture will be incorrect. A failed fuel pump won’t send any fuel to the engine, so it won’t start. Read more about how a fuel pump functions and its importance in your vehicle here.

Diagnosing Faulty Fuel Pumps

Interrupting the fuel supply to an engine will cause many issues. These include difficulty starting, lack of power, and intermittent stalling.

This issues can be due to a variety of problems, including faulty fuel injectors, blocked fuel filters, inferior quality fuel and the fuel pump. Odd noises from the fuel tank (located beneath the rear seat) usually mean that the fuel pump is your culprit. A check engine light may also illuminate. Plugging in an OBDII scanner will help narrow down the source of your problems.

For a comprehensive breakdown of what to look for, read our blog on How To Diagnose A Failing Fuel Pump.

OEM Vs Aftermarket

There is no doubt that an OEM fuel pump is going to perform better than an aftermarket item. You may save a bit buying a non-OEM fuel pump, but it may cost you more eventually. OEM fuel pumps offer:

Read more about OEM and aftermarket fuel pumps in our comprehensive blog here.

How To Replace Your Fuel Pump

Replacing your Toyota’s fuel pump may seem daunting, but it isn’t as difficult as you may think. And doing it yourself can save you money. We cover the replacement process in detail here for the Toyota Camry, and here for the Toyota Corolla. Most Toyota models have similar fuel pump replacement procedures, all you need is a bit of time and a few tools:

Get Your OEM Toyota Fuel Pump Today

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