Are OEM Fuel Pumps Better Than Aftermarket?

If your fuel pump is faulty, you may start wondering whether an aftermarket item will do the same job as an OEM part. A fuel pump is a vital part of your car’s fueling system, so knowing the differences between the two is worthwhile.

OEM vs Aftermarket Fuel Pumps

This article will arm you with the facts so you can decide which is best. The choice between OEM and aftermarket comes down to three main points:

  • Fitment
  • Quality
  • Pricing and Warranty

One Size Fits All

Aftermarket parts are designed to be compatible with many vehicles. This makes it easier to sell more units of the same product. Great for the supplier but not always beneficial to the consumer.

An OEM fuel pump will only fit the exact models of Toyota it was designed for. The size and shape of each unit has been designed to fit perfectly. The flow rate and capacity of each fuel pump will match the original unit in every way. That "universal" aftermarket part may or may not fit perfectly. Many aftermarket fuel pumps come with a "universal" wiring harness that may require splicing. 

Material Quality

An original fuel pump doesn’t just fit right, it’s also built with OEM-spec materials. These have been tested and engineered to work perfectly in your Toyota.

Aftermarket parts don’t have to meet any specific design standards. And they often fall short when it comes to material quality and design. In a complex part like a fuel pump, shortcuts in quality components are often hidden inside the unit.

Pricing And Warranty

Pricing is one area where aftermarket parts may seem to have the upper hand. They sometimes have a lower price than an OEM part, but often it’s a case of saving now and paying later.

If the aftermarket part fails, or doesn’t perform correctly, it could damage your vehicle. Suddenly your ‘cheap’ part becomes a lot more expensive.

OEM fuel pumps are not only guaranteed to fit and work as specified, but they also come with a warranty. Neither of which is certain from a cheaper aftermarket part. At Olathe Toyota we only supply OEM parts backed by Toyota’s 12-month unlimited miles warranty.

The Olathe Toyota Difference

There is no contest here. An OEM fuel pump is built to exacting standards, and it will work exactly as intended. The Toyota 12-month guarantee adds further peace of mind. Aftermarket parts may not always work right. And they tend not to have guarantees or service backup.

With 15 years of online sales experience, Olathe Toyota has all the knowledge and experience you need to help you find and order the right part. Use our VIN decoder to find your specific fuel pump or contact us online and use our FREE lookup service. If you prefer to call, then use our toll-free number: 1-866-596-1970. It couldn’t be easier.