How To Keep Your Toyota's Tires Rolling

Tires are one of the most critical parts of your vehicle. Many times, tires are an afterthought, but their contact patches are essential to ensuring proper grip in all conditions and terrains. That makes tires one of the primary safety features in your vehicle. The following guide will cover many things you should know about your Toyota's tires and how to keep your vehicle safe, fuel-efficient, and properly gripping the roads.

Checking Your Tire Pressure

Tire pressure

One of the most important ways to keep your tires wearing properly and to ensure their longevity is to check the pressure of all four tires regularly. You can learn more about how to check tire pressures in this post. If you keep a tire pressure gauge in your car, you can often check and fill your tires while filling up at the gas station.

When To Change Your Tires

Like any part of your car, tires wear over time. Thankfully with modern tire designs, tires can often last over 40,000 miles. You need to be aware of a few different elements of your tire, including tread bars, tread depth, and the shoulder. It's easy to inspect these things yourself, so you know when your tires need replacement. This post offers more info about tire ages and when to change tires.

What Do Tire Numbers Mean?

Tire numbers

On every tire, you'll see different sets of numbers. Some of these numbers indicate tire size and load rating. Another number tells you when the tire was made. In this guide, you'll learn how to read tire numbers and learn the ages of your tires. Knowing tire age is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe if you're driving an unfamiliar older vehicle.

Toyota Tacoma Tire Size Guide

Toyota Tacomas are one of the heartiest trucks for sale and have been for many years. Check out this post if you drive a Toyota Tacoma and have questions about tire sizes. The guide covers all sorts of common Tacoma tire questions.

Toyota Tundra Tire Size Guide

Tundra tires

Like the Tacoma guide above, we also have Tundra drivers covered with tires. Check out this post that covers tire sizing for Toyota Tundras. It covers quite a few years, body styles, and trim levels. 

Off-Road Bias-Ply Versus Radial Tires

The two guides above provide a lot of information about truck tires for on-road use. If you're interested in off-roading, check out this post about bias-ply versus radial tires and which are better for your off-road applications. While both have benefits, knowing the differences will help you decide the best for your application. 

We hope the guide above helped you learn more about your tires and how to care for them properly. If you need tires, wheels, or any parts for your Toyota look no further than Toyota Parts Center. All our parts include a 12-month, unlimited-mile warranty. Our warehouses in Kansas ensure quick shipping to either coast. You can contact us here. We'd love to help!