14 Must-Have Toyota Camry Accessories

Your Toyota Camry has a lot to offer — it’s a vehicle known for reliability, economy, and comfort. However, with a few simple accessories, you can increase functionality and improve/preserve appearance. Check out these must-have Toyota Camry accessories.

1. Door Edge Guards

For protecting your Camry vertical door edges from dings and chips, these door edge guards will do the trick. These offer affordable protection and help preserve your Camry’s body, and help maintain the resale value. They protect while seamlessly blending into the body lines of the Camry. These door edge guards are made from 400 series stainless steel and finished in body-matched paint. A thermoplastic compound helps to prevent metal-to-metal contact between the edge and the guard. They install and remove easily with no damage to the factory paint. Find yours by the color match part number below.

Toyota Camry door edge guards PT936-03110-03

Color Part Number
Barcelona Red Metallic PT936-03110-03
Classic Silver Metallic PT936-03110-01
Black PT936-03110-02
Sandy Beach Metallic PT936-03110-04
Super White PT936-03110-10
Pre Dawn Gray PT936-03110-11
Cypress Pearl PT936-03110-06
Silver Sky Metallic PT936-03110-01

2. Body Side Moldings

Protect your exterior from scratches, dents, and paint chips with these body side moldings for Camry. They not only protect the body, but they enhance the appearance as they are factory color-matched and compliment the body lines of your Camry. They install for a precise fit and can be removed without any damage to paint. Check out the part number for your factory color code below.

Toyota Camry body side moldings PT938-03120-03

Color Part Number
Barcelona Red Metallic PT938-03120-03
Black PT938-03120-02
Super White PT938-03120-10
Cypress Pearl PT938-03120-21
Magnetic Gray Metallic PT938-03120-11
Clearwater Blue Metallic PT938-03120-08
Cosmic Gray Mica PT938-03120-07

3. Mudguards

Pick up these mudguards and increase paint protection from mud, road debris, and stones. They are a precise fit to match the body lines of your Camry. These mudguards are corrosion resistant and install easily. Pick yours up under part number PU060-33015-P1.

Toyota Camry mud guards PU060-33015-P1

4. All-Weather Floor Mats

All-weather floor mats will protect your Camry from all sorts of dirt and damage. The flexible weather-resistant material is both durable and easy to clean. Get mats for your front and rear seats. Mats have an embossed Camry logo and come in black – check out part number PT908-03120-20.

Toyota Camry all weather floor mats PT908-03120-20

5. Cargo Tray

This cargo tray provides full protection for the cargo area of your Camry. It is made of a tough and flexible rubber blend and custom-fitted to the Camry so it won’t slide around. Check it out under part number PT208-03120-20.

Toyota Camry cargo tray PT208-03120-20

6. Hideaway Cargo Net

This stretchy mesh cargo net helps keep your items from rolling around, or tipping over while you’re driving. It’s a convenient envelope-style net that can be quickly attached to or detached from the grocery hook tabs and stores flat. Get yours here under part number PT347-03140.

Toyota Camry hideaway cargo net PT347-03140

7. Cargo Tote

If rolling and tipping items are getting in your way, and getting on your nerves, pick up one of these awesome Camry cargo totes. They secure your load in place and keep cargo organized — keep them in the cabin or trunk for more organization. As a bonus, they have soft sides and can be folded flat for your convenience. Get yours under part number PT427-00120.

Toyota Camry cargo tote PT427-00120

8. Door Sill Protector

To add more refinement and protection to your Camry, upgrade the door sill protector with these awesome custom-fit door sill protectors. They are made with a stainless steel overlay which is mounted to a durable backing. These door sill protectors feature a Camry logo embossed on the plate and acrylic window — giving them a very stylish look. Check them out under part number PT922-03120 now.

Toyota Camry door sill protector PT922-03120

9. First Aid Kit

Grab this handy first aid kit to keep in your Camry for minor medical emergencies on the road. Included in this kit are adhesive bandages, butterfly strips, stretch bandages, scissors, emergency blankets, and more. The kit is made with velcro mounting strips, and the soft zippered case can be put inside the cabin or trunk where it won’t roll around during driving. Get yours now under part number PT420-03023.

Toyota Camry first aid kit PT420-03023

10. Emergency Assistance Kit

Minor roadside emergencies shouldn’t stop your travels, and with this emergency assistance kit for your Camry, they won’t. This kit is super functional and has jumper cables, a hose clamp, tape, work gloves, survival blankets, flashlight, water bag, and more. It also has a retention strap to keep it in place so it won’t roll or rattle while you’re driving PT420-00130.

Toyota Camry emergency kit PT420-00130

11. Key Finder

With the use of Bluetooth technology, this handy key finder will make sure you never leave your Camry keys behind. With this Toyota key finder, you’ll get alerts when you leave your keys behind, it works up to 60 feet away and can be synced with your iPhone One app. It monitors up to eight key finder devices at once. Check it out here under part PT725-03150.

Toyota Camry key finder PT725-03150

12. Remote Engine Starter

There’s nothing worse than getting in your Camry and having to wait for it to warm up enough to defrost ice from the windows, or sitting on a hot seat during the summer. With this handy remote engine start, you won’t have to worry about those issues anymore. Use this system to get your Camry warmed up, or cooled down before you even enter the car. Check it out under part number PT398-03110.

Toyota Camry remote engine starter PT398-03110

13. Illuminated Door Sills

Add styling and sleekness to your Camry with these illuminated door sills. They are protective plates that feature LED lights that illuminate an ice-blue Camry logo on the face when the doors are opened. Get yours here under part number PT922-03121.

Toyota Camry illuminated door sills PT922-03121

14. Carpet Floor Mats

These custom-tailored carpeted floor mats are an exact fit for your Camry. They help to protect the original carpet from wear, tear, spills, and messes. These mats are made of durable nylon and feature the Camry logo. A nabbed backing and quarter-turn fasteners keep them in place, while still allowing easy removal for cleaning. Find yours below by your interior color.

Toyota Camry carpeted floor mats PT208-03120-20

Color Part Number
Black PT208-03120-20
Ivory PT208-03120-40
Ash PT208-03120-13

Pick up any of these awesome Camry accessories to improve the appearance, styling, and functionality of your Camry.