5 Awesome Toyota Tacomas On The Loose!

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the coolest vehicles made. It’s versatile, easy to mod, reliable, and above all else, it’s fun! Check out these awesome Toyota Tacomas as they play around both on and off-road!

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Your Tacoma’s Spare Tire View

This video is mesmerizing, basically, the driver mounted a GoPro camera underneath the Tacoma, behind the spare tire. You can get an awesome view of what it looks like from under your truck as you drive. Watch the tires turns and axles tilt through normal driving conditions — here’s to hoping this videographer decides to get undershot during an off-road adventure!


Tacoma Turns A Steep Hill Climb Into A Cakewalk

This 2004 4×4 Toyota Tacoma makes this pretty steep hill seem like flat land. Filmed near Laramie Peak, WY, this Tacoma is wildly modified but demonstrates how easy it is to get one of these light trucks up an incline. Making it more impressive, the dirt looks a little loose in a few places, and there are a few rocks on the path — the Tacoma didn’t seem to notice.


Tacoma Takes On The Golden Crack In Moab, Utah

The Golden Crack is somewhat of a right of passage for Moab off-roaders. It’s a crevasse in the rocks that’s not terribly complicated, but as you can see in the video, it’d be pretty easy to get stuck if you go at it the wrong way.


Extremely Off-Road Ready Tacoma

This customized Tacoma came out really well as a build by CBI. The fabricators added:

  • Moab 2.0 Front Bumper
  • Full Skid Plate Set
  • Rock Sliders
  • Bushmaster 2.0 Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier
  • Shackle Flip Kit
  • Aluminum Bed Rack
  • Secondary Battery Tray

Now, the question is, who would want to get that in the mud?


Drag Racing Tacoma

From the trails to the track, this Tacoma shows off how versatile these vehicles are. Check it out as this Toyota Tacoma races two Challengers, who probably drove away questioning their vehicle ownership decisions.

What all of these videos demonstrate is that you can make your Tacoma into anything you want. Leave it stock and it can still do some pretty amazing things. Modify it and you can take on trails and obstacles, live out of it, or race it. However you decide to drive your Tacoma, do it with pride knowing you have one of the coolest light trucks ever made!