What Happens When Camrys Go Off-Roading

Camry offroad 9

Can you imagine taking your Camry off-road? It’s a strange thought for most. For the most part, you probably just drop the kids off, drive to work, and come home in your Camry. Maybe the biggest deal is when you have to change a few parts here and there to keep it in top shape. However, there are a few, rare Camry owners out there who think off-roading in a Camry should be a reality. Here is the story of those few. 

white Camry offroad

First, we start with what an off-roading Camry looks like. Camry that you’ve literally driven the wheels off of?

Camry offroad tires

Or maybe you have just the Camry for the job.

Camry offroad woods

Are you going to bring a friend? Perhaps one who has a slightly more capable off-road Toyota than you…

Camry offroad mud

How seriously do you plan on getting? How deep do you think it’ll get? You’ve got to be prepared for when the road ends.

white Camry offroad 5

After all, maybe it is time to throw caution to the wind and hit those mud pits!

Camry offroad dirt

Just make sure you don’t get stuck!

Camry offroad stuck

Remember, it only takes a few inches of mud or water to put an end to your adventures.

Camry offroad lifted

But we’re no fun police! Get out there and try again.

Note: We are sorry for the grainy pictures. Spotting a Camry off-road is rarer than spotting a bigfoot! However, you have to admire their ambition, or whatever it was that inspired these drivers…