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Toyota Announces Six New Hybrids - Toyota Parts Blog

Hybrids from Toyota seem to be the game changers of the market

Toyota, for years, has led the industry in the latest and greatest in electric and hybrid automobile technologies, and over the next two years, according to the New York Times, plans to unveil six- that’s right, six- brand new hybrid and electric vehicles. This type of claim is huge for their business plan, and will take the company in a new direction focusing more and more on fuel-efficient and reliable vehicles.

So far, Toyota has been the home to only a few hybrids: the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations of Prius paved the way for luxury hybrids like the 2011 Lexus CT 200h, and now it seems that will lead to a new generation of smaller/more compact vehicles. But, with their new partnership with Tesla Motors and this new report, Toyota is projected to have 20 hybrid models by the year 2012, plus the RAV4 hybrid that is expected to show its face at the upcoming 2010 Los Angeles auto show in November. It would definitely seem like Toyota plans on bringing a hybrid variant to each of its major models by 2020, and all powered by Toyota Parts found at your local Kansas City Toyota Dealership.

Written by Tom Blackman