Toyota Sienna 2011 Revealed In LA

Ok, so Johnny’s got a soccer game at 3:30, Jenny has choir rehearsal at 4:00, and you have to pick them both up by 5:30 to make it to Josh’s band concert at 6:00. If there was ever a need for a new, modern, and comfortable minivan, now is the time.

Say hello to the 2011 Toyota Sienna, newly announced by Toyota at the Los Angeles Auto Show. With a newly designed body shape and interior design, it will be a needed revamp of the 2004 second-gen Sienna. Tons of new modern features, including comfortable second-row seats with newly added footrests, add that extra level of comfort for the family. Other optional features have been revealed; a widescreen DVD player capable of two inputs simultaneously, and a tinted sunroof can definitely pass the time on a long trip. Also, as with the current Sienna, we can expect a powerful engine that will give it an edge over the rest of the competition.

Sienna 2011

Sounds good, Right? Well, the Sienna isn’t perfect. One of the biggest complaints from former models is that the look is somewhat boring. Personally, I think the Sienna is designed to be a “Man’s Van” and for that purpose it gets the job done. Its got the Toyota Toyota parts, Toyota accessories, and everything in between to make your minivan experience comfortable. Plus, recently released pics of the model give it a more modern and smooth look, which I love. The new model is projected to hit the nearest Kansas City Toyota Dealer in February of 2010, so keep an open eye out for the next level in Toyota minivans!