Black Boxes Possible in Future Toyota Vehicles - Toyota Parts Blog

Most everyone has heard the term “black box” in the news, usually associated with aeronautical crashes in the news. But after the recent safety issues the automotive industry has been facing, Toyota is beginning to ship and develop these event recorders for their automobiles. This technology has existed for decades in airplanes, but this will be one of the first instances where a “Black Box” will be implemented on consumer vehicles.

One of the big pushes on this implementation has come from congress. They want these recorders to be installed on every vehicle, and Toyota seems to believe it’s not a bad idea. Over the last month, they have shipped more than 150 of these boxes to the U.S. to be sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well as the U.S. government. It is unsure where the rest of these boxes are being sent to, but Toyota says they are using it to train their engineering and technical staff’s to manipulate this technology and make it compatible with today’s vehicles.

Whether the Toyota vehicles of the future will have this little bit of airline technology is debatable, but it is definitely something to keep your eye on. It has the potential to record essential data that could help solve problems faster and more efficiently, and it is something that Toyota is currently moving toward. With the increased technology implimented in the Toyota Parts you know and love, the they can become more efficient and reliale in Toyota vehicles.

Written by Tom Blackman