Scion xD Power Door Lock Failure Guide

Are your power door locks in your Scion xD not working? Is one door lock stuck? Get it fixed by following this guide to common problems and their solutions.

Scion xD Power Door Lock Failure Guide

Are your Scion xD door locks broken? Get them fixed by reading this guide to common problems and their solutions.

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The fact is power door locks are a great convenience. However, they are also a big pain when they don’t work properly. Fortunately, the power door lock system is pretty straightforward and can be easy to fix.

Before you begin this job make sure you have an assortment of tools, a good amount of time and a well-lit work area. Having these items is the difference between botching a job or doing it right.

Below are different problems and their common fixes.

One Door Fails to Lock/Unlock

If you have a single door that is misbehaving, odds are you have a bad actuator motor. This motor is responsible for powering the mechanisms which lock and unlock your door. Typically, you will hear a buzzing sound prior to it going bad.

In order to replace the actuator, you will need to remove the door panel. It is also advisable to order a replacement part before you begin the work. You can order one through our parts department by clicking here.

Here are general instructions for taking a door panel off:

  1. Find and remove all the screws holding the door panel on. Often there are screws behind the speakers and in the door handle.
  2. After the screws are removed, carefully pull the door panel away from the door by using either a special tool or carefully using a flat head screwdriver. You should hear a clicking sound as the clips release.
  3. Once the door is loose, pull upwards and away from the door. Pay special attention to find and disconnect the electrical connection for the power door locks/windows.
  4. You should see a plastic shroud after the door is removed. Carefully peel back this shroud to expose the inner door.
  5. Next, find the door actuator by referencing the new part you bought. Simply swap out this motor.
  6. Lastly, reverse these directions to put the door back together.

All Doors, Multiple Doors Fail

If you have more than one door that fails to lock or unlock, you have a larger problem than a bad motor. It can be many things causing this problem and the common ones are a bad relay or fuse.

The relay sits on a computer panel under the dash. If you think this is the problem, it is advised to bring it into your local Toyota dealer. Replacing the relay requires soldering on a new one and if you don’t have experience doing this, you could cause more harm than good.

For the fuse, it is simply swapping out the bad fuse for a new one. However, this fuse controls the door locks as well. If your door locks work fine, this probably isn’t your problem. The fuse is often labeled “door locks/windows.”

Key Fob Fails

If your door locks work with the button and not on the key fob, you have a dead battery in your key fob. Fortunately, this is an easy fix.

In order to replace the battery, simply squeeze the sides of the fob until it pops open. Once it is open, carefully swap out the dead battery for a new one. If you can’t get it open, stop by your local Toyota dealer to have do it. No sense breaking it by forcing it open.


Written by Tim Esterdahl