Scion tC Power Window Failure Guide

Are you having problems with your Scion tC power windows? Has one fallen down? Here is how to fix many of the common problems.

Scion tC Power Window Failure Guide

Are your Scion tC windows not working correctly? Get them fixed by following this guide. 

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Power windows sure are a much better way to roll up windows versus the old rotary handle. However, when they don’t work, it can take a bit more to know how to fix them. Below you will find common problems and how to fix them.

Bad Window Regulator

The most common problem with power windows is that the regulator motor has simply gone bad. This motor powers the window up and down. It is located inside the door panel and is connecting to a rod that sits on the bottom of the glass.

Here is a general description on how to replace it.

  1. First, find replacement parts.
  2. Next, disconnect the negative power cable to the battery.
  3. Look over the door for all the screws holding the plastic panel on. There will be screws in obvious places like along the handle and not so obvious places like behind the speaker.
  4. With all the screws removed, pull gently on the plastic door to pry it away from the metal. One of the best ways to do this is with a door panel removal tool or a flathead screwdriver. Be careful since you can easily crack the plastic.
  5. As you pull the door off, you will hear a popping sound as the door clips release.
  6. After the door is free, push the door up and away from the metal door. Pay special attention to find an electrical connection between the power door buttons and the inside of the door. Make sure you disconnect these items.
  7. Once the door is completely free, you will see a plastic shroud protecting the inside of the door. Carefully peel back this to reveal the window and window regulator motor.
  8. Comparing your new window regulator to the older model, you will be able to match up which side is up and see how it works.
  9. Generally, you will have to remove some screws and then swap out regulator units.
  10. Once you have the new regulator in place, reverse these directions.

Window Off Track

A rare event would be having the window fall off track. If you think this is the case, follow the directions above to remove your plastic door panel.

Looking at the window, you will see grooves where the window slides up and down. Carefully inspect these grooves to see if any of them are broken or twisted. Fix them accordingly.

Door Lock/Window Fuse

Another scenario may be that the door locks and power windows are both not working. If this is the case, there is a fuse that has gone bad. Looking inside the fuse box, find the one marked windows/doors. Swap this fuse out for a new one.