Toyota Corolla Power Window Failure Guide

Are your power windows failing to open/close fully? Are they stuck or has one fallen down? Check out this handy guide to fix the problem. 

Toyota Corolla Power Window Failure Guide

Are your Toyota Corolla power windows not working? Here is how to fix the common problems.

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The power window system in the Toyota Corolla is pretty straightforward. The window sits between rails and is powered by a window regulator motor. There are switches on the doors and electrical connections inside the doors. Lastly, there is a fuse that can blow (it controls the locks too). Here are some of the more common problems and fixes.

Corolla Window Off Track

This is a pretty rare event, but over time the rails can become lose or completely fail. If this is the case, your window will be really loose.

Check to see if this is the case by removing the door panel. In order to do this:

  1. Disconnect the negative power cable on the battery for safety.
  2. Find and remove all the screws in the panel – check not so obvious places like behind the speakers.
  3. Carefully remove the plastic panel from the door with either a special tool or a flat-head screwdriver. You will hear a popping sound as the plastic clips release.
  4. As you remove the door panel, you should find an electrical connection to the power door lock/window panel. Unhook this.
  5. With the door panel removed, you will see a plastic shroud protecting the inside parts. Carefully remove this.

After the door panel is removed, you will be able to see the window tracks and inspect them. If you find one is broken or significantly off-track, you can try to shore it up. For the best fix, visit your local Toyota dealer to purchase a new part.

Dead Window Regulator

Another item that is often the culprit is the window regulator. This is the motor that raises/lowers the window. It is often found attached to the bottom of the window. Once this motor goes out, your window will likely fall midway down your door frame.

In order to fix this problem, start by removing the door panel with the instructions above in the Window Off Track section. Then, carefully remove the window regulator by sliding it off the window. A good idea is to raise the window up manually and hold it up with tape or a clamp. After you swap it out, reverse the steps and test the window.

Bad Fuse

This is the easiest of all the fixes and it simply requires you to check the fuse box for the doors/window fuse. Once you find it, pull it out and replace it.

A tip for this problem is that your door locks shouldn’t work either. If your door locks work, then you have a different problem.