Toyota Camry Oil Filter Best Option - 04152-YZZAI

Time to change your oil in your Toyota Camry? Confused about which oil filter to buy? There isn’t as much debate on this as it seems. The best choice is Toyota’s OEM Oil Filter – part 04152-YZZAI.

The truth is that not all oil filters are made the same. How do we know? We commissioned our own oil filter study which found that out of 12 brands, the Toyota filter has the best bang for the buck.

The study, which you can find by clicking here, looked at oil filters for the Toyota Tacoma – they are comparable to a Camry. It found that oil flowed best, the filter lasted longest and the value was greatest for the Toyota oil filter.

Why does the oil filter matter? An oil filter works to filter out containment that can harm your engine. Having a dirty filter means that more of this debris is reaching your engine and causing long-term damage to it. Also, a poorly designed oil filter could also constrict the oil flow to your engine. This could mean your engine is running with less oil than your manufacture recommends. Both of these reasons mean you should take your oil filter choice seriously.

When you are ready to change your oil, make sure you consider a Toyota oil filter. Click here to purchase one today.