Toyota Oil FilterAt Toyota Parts Center, we’ve done a little research to help you find the best oil filter for your Toyota pickup truck.

We’ve torn apart and analyzed five different oil filters for the Tundra and eight different oil filters for the Tacoma.  Here is what we found.

Toyota Tacoma Oil Filter Comparison

With the Toyota Tacoma oil filter, here is our top three:

  1. Toyota OEM
  2. Wix
  3. K&N

The Toyota OEM, Wix, and K&N filters are all great filters for your Tacoma.  These three rise to the top when compared to Bosch, ACDelco, MicroGard, Fram High Mileage, and SuperTech.

Here’s why we like the Toyota OEM, Wix, and K&N filters.

  • Filter Surface Area – These three filters had the largest filter surface area to help filter out more oil impurities.
  • Bypass Valve – Of the eight that we compared, these three had the best bypass valves.  Each of the valves functioned at a high level.
  • Filter Materials – The materials used in these three filters were less paper-like, less crumbly when cut, and generally sturdier.

So which did we like the best? They are all good filters.  However, the Toyota OEM ($4.33) comes in at a lower price than the Wix ($6.99) and K&N ($13.99) filters.

If you can find a Wix or K&N filter at a similar price to the OEM filter, they are worth considering.  However, you’ll get more value out of the Toyota OEM parts.

You can read the full report here: Toyota Tacoma Oil Filter Comparison

Toyota Tundra Oil Filter Comparison

When it comes to the Toyota Tundra, we examined five filters.  Here is how we would rank them.

  1. Toyota OEM ($4.33)
  2. Wix ($6.99)
  3. Fram Standard ($6.44)
  4. MicroGard ($6.59)
  5. Fram ExtraGuard ($9.49)

Like the Tacoma, the Toyota OEM and Wix filters had more surface area as well as a better bypass valve.  The Fram and MicroGard were solid filters, but need not meet the high levels of the Toyota OEM and Wix filters.

The Fram ExtraGuard filter we tested did not fare well.  It had inconsistent manufacturing and loose surface particles as well as the smallest surface area and highest density.

To read the full report with our research, click here: Toyota Tundra Oil Filter Comparison.