Toyota Corolla Door Lock Failure - Diagnose Guide

If you are having issues with a door lock on your Toyota Corolla, it will be necessary to either visit your local dealership or take some time to troubleshoot the issue. Here is a handy guide to help diagnose the problem. 

Toyota Corolla Door Lock Failure - Repair Option

Do your Toyota Corolla’s door locks not work correctly? Diagnose the problem with the help of this handy guide and stop dealing with this nagging problem.

The Toyota Corolla power door locks are fairly straightforward and should be relatively easy to diagnose what is causing the issue. One of the first items to note is if the door locks are failing to lock/unlock at all four doors or just one when turning the key or using the remote key fob.

Four Doors/Multiple Doors Fail To Lock/Unlock

If all four doors fail to lock/unlock or if multiple doors fail to lock/unlock, the odds are that you have an electrical issue like a bad relay. The best thing to do in this case is to bring it in for service. Correctly diagnosing an electrical issue can be a nightmare.

One Door Doesn’t Lock/Unlock

If you have a single door that doesn’t lock or unlock, it is likely you have a bad actuator motor. The actuator motor powers the door locks and makes them open/close. For many owners, replacing the door actuator is actually a fairly easy process. Steps include:

  1. Order a replacement part online here.
  2. Remove the door panel by removing a screw in the armrest and in front of the door handle.
  3. While removing the door panel, unhook the electronic connection to the power door lock mechanism on the door panel.
  4. Peel back the shroud covering the interior components.
  5. Locate the door actuator and removing it.
  6. Replace the unit and replacing the door panel using the reverse instructions.

Remote Lock/Unlock Fails, But Button On Door Works

If your key fob isn’t unlocking the doors, odds are a new battery will do the trick.

If the unlock/lock button on your remote isn’t working and the other buttons on the remote are, it could be a sign of a larger electrical issue.

Power door locks that operate like they were intended are often taken for granted until something happens. When they are broken, it can be a major inconvenience. Fortunately, diagnosing and fixing the problem isn’t too bad.